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Decorating, And A Small Claim to Fame

*We interrupt this post for important breaking news: as it turns out, I, Nancy Flynn, sold the very first item on Etsy! I had no idea until this very nice journalist got in touch to find out what I thought … Continue reading

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Gotcha Matcha

One of my very favorite places to go when I want to treat myself to a little bit of Zen is Samovar Tea Lounge in the Castro (does it help that ImagiKnit is right across the street? maybe…).  I was … Continue reading


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In Praise of the Mason Jar: Salad

I have, as the brilliant Jamie Chan commented one of my Instagram pics, “definitely joined the mason jar revolution.”  Everything in my pantry is stored in mason jars, I use my Cuppow to drink juice, water, coffee etc out of … Continue reading

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Baking with Babies: Apple Muffins

I used to be someone who made a dress in a day, knitted a sweater in a month, or stitched a plethora of little zipper clutch bags or totes in a weekend.  Then I had children, and found that once … Continue reading

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