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Me with my littlest, Big G, as photographed by my biggest, Miss S

This is a re-boot of a blog I started writing, oh, 6 years ago now?  I took an almost 2-year break and found all of my archives had disappeared (they are maybe somewhere in the ether, but honestly I haven’t the time or the technological know-how to get them back!), so I’m considering this a fresh start.  If you have been here before- hi! Welcome back! If there’s anything you remember from before you’d like me to repost here(a pattern, a recipe, anything!), let me know and I’ll try to do it.

If you are new here, here’s the skinny:

Before I had children I was a craft writer. I wrote a book called Jeaneology, and was very fortunate to contribute projects to Susan Beal’s books Button it Up and Bead Simple.  I also wrote a few projects for Craft Magazine, and briefly co-edited Get Crafty.com. Nowadays I am primarily a mother to three children: Miss S (4.5), Miz E(2.9) and Big G(8 months).

In addition to being a mother, I am a maker.  Most every day I make something in the kitchen- cooking, baking, canning.  More infrequently (see above 3 littles) I make things in my delicious, messy, craft room: sewing, knitting, felting, gluing things together, mixing up potions. I am a recovering brown-thumb in the garden (we grew some tomatoes this year!).  The rest of the time I spend reading (novels or parenting books) or watching science fiction and british mysteries on Netflix and Hulu. I had the great good fortune to study Waldorf early childhood education with California Coast Lifeways, so I’m constantly inspired by nature and the changing seasons, and my goal above all in what I do is to create a warm, nourishing, inviting home for my family and friends. We live in Berkeley, California.


I like stripes and spots

My favorite color lately is red, it used to be green

My favorite clothes come from Boden for me and Tea Collection for my girls. Big G gets hand-me-downs from our friends who have boys.

I used to use a camera but now I only take pictures with my iPhone

The only yarn I ever want to knit with is Madeline Tosh




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  1. Toastncandy

    Hooray! You’re back!

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