Baking with Babies: Apple Muffins

I used to be someone who made a dress in a day, knitted a sweater in a month, or stitched a plethora of little zipper clutch bags or totes in a weekend.  Then I had children, and found that once they spend most of their time awake, it is a challenge to get in that kind of intense, focused making for hours at a time.  I still sew and knit, but I accept that I can only get things done in little bits and pieces here and there rather than all at once.

Enter baking– baking is creative, it is fun, and children can do it with you.  Most of my daily crafting that isn’t totally kid related (play doh, cornstarch paint, finger puppets…), is kitchen related.  We had a nice harvest of apples from the two trees in our yard this year–they are perfectly OK eating apples but not really terrific raw, so I set to work and made several batches of apple butter.  But as I don’t really like eating apple butter I had to come up with something to do with them(other than giving them away).  The solution? Baked Apple Cider Donut Holes.  There was great enthusiasm over the baking

And the sugar coating

They do not come out like donut holes, or taste like donut holes, but rather very delicious little muffins, perfectly acceptable for breakfast when served with a nice cup of warm, frothy milk

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