Crayon Upcycling

In our house, two out of three children nap.  One of them two times a day.  Which means that Miss S, as the eldest, has to spend rather a lot of time at home waiting for smaller people to wake up, and as such I spend a lot of time making sure she is busy and having fun! As she likes crafty things, art, baking, nature and experiments, we have a lot of interests in common so usually we can find something fun to do together.  Today I noticed that there were lots of bitty ends in the crayon box– small enough for Big G to choke on, and too small for either of the girls to have much fun coloring with them.  Finally time to do something I’ve been desperate to try– melting together bits of crayon in molds to make swirly new crayons!  Of course somewhere I have silicone ice cube trays in cute shapes but I couldn’t find them so we used a mini muffin tin instead. We decided which crayons should go together in each muffin cup

Per the art direction of Miss S, we did one cup of rainbow, one cup shades of yellow, one shades of pink, one shades of green/ blue and one “mixed bag”(the one in the middle).

They baked in the oven at 350 for 5 minutes.

When they were all melty Miss S carefully swirled them around a bit with a toothpick- they looked rather muddy and unpromising at this stage, we were worried.  I put them in the freezer to firm up so we could pop them out and see if they were any more interesting underneath. Guess what? They were. Though I’d advise lightly oiling or spraying the baking cups before putting your crayon bits in, as the finished new crayons are rather hard to get out! I ran a knife around the edges and then ran warm water on the reverse side of the tin.

Above is the ‘mixed bag’ which turned out really neat and was the favorite of Miss S.

This one is my favorite– all swirly shades of greens and blues like the sea.

And here they are all together– certainly a fun experiment and as there are always broken crayons, one I’m sure we’ll be doing again!  Perhaps once I’ve found those silicone molds…

(And an extra bonus– click here for a video of Miss S doing “color commentary” on the finished product)


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