Decorating, And A Small Claim to Fame

*We interrupt this post for important breaking news: as it turns out, I, Nancy Flynn, sold the very first item on Etsy! I had no idea until this very nice journalist got in touch to find out what I thought about it.  Want to read more? Here ya go.*

We moved into a new home a little bit over a year ago– it is the first house I’ve lived in, as I grew up and spent most of my life living in city apartments until now.  I’m finding decorating to be a real challenge, mostly because I’m afraid to make mistakes.  I know myself well enough to know that once something goes up (or down, in the case of a rug), I will consider it “done” and stop seeing it when I look at the room, meaning that if I settle for things that aren’t quite right, they will stay put they fall down or fall apart, just itching my unconscious, bothering me with their not-quite-rightness, but not enough for me to go to the trouble of changing them.  At any rate, our walls are white and very bare, with the exception of the girls’ room, because I put all of the art I ever bought and loved over the past 8-10 years up in their room immediately after we moved in.  So you know what my priorities are.  Given that, you’d think the obvious choice would be photos of the children or our family up on the walls.  Not so.  I have a weird mental block about using family photographs as art in public rooms in the house.  But after a trip to PaperSource, I hit upon a solution, at least for one wall: the custom, fabric silhouette.  A blend of art, patchwork and family photography that is great fun to do and sits very well with me indeed:

I could do a photo tutorial if anyone is interested, but the process is very simple indeed.

1. Take a photo of your subject in profile,

2. blow it up to the desired size (i just had Walgreens print the photos in 8×10),

3. cut the profile out, trace it onto heat’n’bond,

4. iron the first side of the heat’n’bond onto your patterned paper

5. cut around the traced line and peel off backing paper

6. Iron onto your background fabric

7. Trim and frame, hang jauntily going up the stairs, youngest kid on the bottom!

I have profile photos of the fella and me I was planning to use at the very top of the staircase, but i was sort of horrified by the turkey wattle i have in profile (note to self: work out more and eat less bread), and vanity won out so the kids are it for now.  I’m planning to use smaller photos to make tote bags for the grandmas for Christmas (Grammie, Gee, forget you read that, please.)

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