Hello and welcome to my blog, which is a collection of so many things that make up my life. I’m Bella Poque and I am very excited to be starting my very own blogging journey! 

A bit of background about me is that I grew up in Surrey, England, and I studied to become a nurse at the University of Southhampton, which happens to be the place I met my husband. As you can tell from my surname my husband is French and we now live in the beautiful city of Lyon.

I have been living in France for 20 years now and it is 

where we have been raising our three amazing children; Juliette, Adele, and Louis. I love my life in France and I have never looked back since I moved! The only difficult thing was learning the language so that I could keep being a nurse in a completely different country, but it was so worth it for this gorgeous life I have been rewarded with. 

My blog is something that I have always wanted to start but never quite had the courage to pursue. It is where I can spread some great information that I have learned along the way to other people and especially mums who are dealing with stroppy teen girls! I can also give you some great recipes and food tips for the whole family to enjoy, which is properly one of the most difficult tasks of my life. 

In terms of all the posts I will be putting out there, they are all my opinion and I have done research to try and keep it as factual as possible! This blog is not going to be an account of my life but more a stream of facts and advice to give people a little helpful push into the right direction! 

Thank you so much for your interest in my blog and happy reading!