5 Pasta Dishes to Make Quickly

If you’ve been stressing out about making dinner lately, we have the perfect solution: five delicious pasta recipes that you can prepare with only a few minutes of prep time. You can whip up a batch of fresh pasta in no time, which is exactly what we’re going to do in this article.

Preparing Pasta, Real Quick and Easy

For anyone who has ever tried to make a quick pasta dinner in the evening, you know how difficult it can be to find something that doesn’t require a lot of preparation time. We all have the go-to recipes that we use to make dinner, but sometimes those meals might not be fast enough to suit our schedules. So, what are the easiest pasta dishes to make in less than 20 minutes?

Check out these past dishes that you can make real quick:

  1. Pomarola – is a popular pasta dish that originated in Italy. It’s a simple dish to make that gets its flavor and texture from the addition of tomato sauce and chicken. If you’re a fan of this dish, you will love how easy it is to make. This delicious pasta dish is very simple to prepare but not as simple to describe. It is made from a mix of seasoned tomato sauce, ground beef, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, canned tomatoes with juice, tomato paste, garlic, oregano, and basil. The pasta is cooked al dente, and the heat is then reduced to “warm” so that the flavors of the pasta are absorbed by the sauce and beef.
  2. Aglio E Olio – or pasta with garlic and oil, is a lot of us’s favorite kind of pasta to make. It has a large number of calories, but it’s also delicious and rich in flavor. This traditional Italian dish is quick, easy, and very delicious. The sauce is made of olive oil and garlic and is used to stuff pasta. This recipe is very easy to make, and you will not even need a lot of ingredients to prepare it.
  3. Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca – is one of the most popular pasta recipes on the internet and is just so easy to make. There are many variations to this well known pasta dish like spaghetti alla Carbonara, spaghetti alla Marinara, Spaghetti ala Puttanesca, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, etc. It is cooked with thinly sliced plum tomatoes, olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, and oregano tossed with spaghetti or linguine. The dish is a classic in Italian cooking, with a French version called ‘table sauce’ (broccoli, lardons, plusaux, olives, etc.) that is equally popular in the country. The main ingredient in the Puttanesca pasta recipe is garlic. We have never thought that a tomato sauce with garlic could be so tasty. If you are looking for a quick and delicious pasta recipe, then look no further!!
  4. Lemon & Tuna Pasta Salad – is a great dish to whip up for your next casual summer picnic or barbecue. The pasta salad is simple, fast to make, and most of all, delicious. It can be made in 10 minutes and takes a total of only 15 minutes to prepare. Lemon juice and tarragon are the two main ingredients and will help balance the saltiness of the tuna. So, whether you are hosting your next BBQ or need to whip up a quick lunch, this light, and refreshing dish is a great choice.
  5. Quick Garlic Mushroom Pasta – Garlic mushrooms are the perfect ingredient to add a dose of nutrition to your dish, and they’re one of the 5 kinds of pasta that you can make quickly. You can prepare your dried mushrooms in just 15 minutes, and they can be easily stored in the freezer for later. The key to making quick and easy garlic mushroom pasta is to use the freshest ingredients. Since you are going to be cooking the dish in the same pot, you will be adding olive oil. You should take care to get as much as you can out of the garlic in the time it takes to cook. Add these dried mushrooms to your next meal to get the most out of your favorite pasta dish.

You’re always looking for ways to use all of that pasta you’ve been buying and turn it into a tasty dinner or lunch. When you’re on a tight budget or have little time to spare, this is where the above-mentioned quick pasta recipe collection can help you. Take a look at some of the ways you can transform your pasta into a tasty meal in just a few minutes. Which of the above pasta dishes will you cook today?


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