5 Ways to Improve Our Home at Very Little Expense

Home improvements are not a one-off, they are whenever we feel like a change. Whilst some will be content with doing something practical like searching gutter installation winston-salem nc, others like to completely rework their home every single year! Home improvement is for when we feel like looking at something different. They can be super big or little tweaks.

Bigger home improvements usually require the help of a professional like builders and electricians, as a few examples and you can always Read more about the services available to you and how to go about investing them. Sometimes, these bigger projects need the training and skill set of a professional, as people in these trades would have spent years gaining the correct and sufficient training. A plumbing operation, for example, is not something that can be a DIY project. Instead, homeowners are better off getting tradesmen from Apollo Plumbing and similar to carry out these services.

However, having said all this, you don’t always have to go big guns on your home improvements, your home might not need it. Treating yourself by going on https://www.vizio.com/en/sound-bar/elevate and buying a new sound bar, repainting your kitchen, or installing a new air conditioning unit are all easy ways you can make improvements inside your home. You might want to go smaller scale with some decorations or perhaps a reshuffle. And even the smaller home improvements do not have to result in us spending a lot of money on them because many things can look good that are very reasonably priced. Alternatively, we can make some things ourselves and individualise our home that way. Children can provide the artwork.

So, let us explore a few ideas to keep us thinking and keep us busy.


Beginning with artwork, our wall space is something that is a big area to cover. It is also very noticeable in terms of what we look at each day. Rather than continually repainting or re-wallpapering our walls, we could think about covering up the space with artwork. This could be with one large landscape or lots of smaller scenes. Maybe even abstract images. Alternatively, if not feeling particularly artistic, framed photographs of family members could be grouped on the wall.

Also, with walls that have not changed colour in years, it might be a nice idea to allow children to produce the artwork for them. Make them a part of your home improvements. It could become something of a family competition to see who can produce the best painting. This could be in oils or watercolours or any medium that produces a nice picture that we have ourselves created.

Tips for oil painting include varying your pressure, keeping colours pure, and standing back frequently to get the true impression of the image that you are creating.

When using watercolours it is a good idea to test colours first, use smooth paper, and as always with painting, plan first with a drawing.

Recycle Wood

With a few carpentry skills, it is amazing what you can create from wood that has been recycled. Beach wood I was thinking of as an example. Driftwood represents tree branches that have found themselves in the sea or ocean. It can create a nice beach look, natural feel, or nautical theme to a room. Best of all, it is free if you live near a beach.

Neon Signs

There is nothing like a large neon sign to illuminate a room. It can be customised to fit in with its intended situation. For instance, it could be a sign indicating where a bar area is within a home or depict a character from your favourite movie, and in the living space where you watch movies. Inspirational quotations are available that will set you thinking the right way as soon as you get up in the morning. A bedroom, perhaps also doubling up for the gaming room in some cases, could have a sign relating to that. Very often gamers will use a light-up keyboard and play in the dark, so some neon lighting would create the perfect ambience and gaming vibe.

Adding Purposeful Furniture

Save money by buying furniture that provides two functions. For instance, a settee that transforms into a bed, or a tabletop that also has a storage area inside because it is a trunk. Of course, go for a flat-topped trunk rather than a domed one to double-up in this way. An antique trunk can add a period look to a home.

The advantage of dual-purpose is a space-saving one. So, another way of gaining space would be to have a flat-screen TV on the wall rather than a free-standing one taking up floor space. Fitted wardrobes take up less space too. A shower does not take up as much space as a bath does when a bathroom is the smallest room in the house.

Introduce Candles or Infusers to a Room

Candles can add colour and fragrance to a room. Infusers are trending too. Fragrances available include cinnamon, jasmine, lavender, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, sea breeze, vanilla, and ylang-ylang. Sea breeze sounds like a great combination to go with the driftwood idea.

So, just a few ideas on how you can improve your home on a relatively low budget. A tired room can benefit from a makeover to please the eyes and improve mood. Always involve your whole family in your home improvement decisions so that ultimately everyone is happy and you do not need to change things again too soon.

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