4 Ways to Make Money in a Pandemic

The pandemic has affected different occupations in different ways. Some businesses have benefitted financially, whereas others have struggled to make money and continue to trade. This has had the knock-on effect of taking jobs away. So, in this article, we shall explore some ways that it is possible to make money during and after a pandemic.

Online Trading

There is no doubt that online trading possibilities have been the savior of many a high street business. Whilst they could not open their doors to people, they have been able to sell their goods online. With good digital marketing strategies such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which has brought them to the top of search lists, more people are now learning of their online presence, and indeed, continual existence where many have admitted defeat. What they could have done is contacted SEO service providers similar to Victorious which might have proved handy in solving their digital marketing woes!

Thus, it becomes prudent for a business to understand what they need to stay afloat. For instance, in order to maintain finances at difficult times, a business needs to be flexible and try new things. We have seen businesses converting their trade to online and many of them will not look back as they see the possibility of selling to global as well as local markets. The high street may not fully recover. Shopping habits have altered as a result of the pandemic. Shopping is just not as fun with a mask on and online shopping has proved to many to be so convenient and often saves them money, through finding the best deals online.


Something possible to do in a pandemic that you can make from home? So, there that been a rise in those crafting, not as a hobby, but to sell what they have made. It has become a way for many artists to earn money, and most of them set up a home workshop. A workshop generally includes work tables, comfortable chairs, whiteboards, and storage cabinets (bought from https://www.officemonster.co.uk/ or a similar seller).

This could be an ideal environment for artists to make different types of products, especially personalized goods. Personalized goods have always been popular as an online option because you do not find all that many things in retail stores that have been individualized. After all, not all names can be covered, only the popular ones. Whereas, online, objects hand-crafted can be personalized to any name or slogan required.


Have you ever thought of painting for a living? That is not painting and decorating but painting in oils or watercolors and then selling your work.

If you were good at art in school then you might want to rekindle that passion to now make money out of it as a necessity. Those in occupations that have not been affected by the pandemic, those who have been needed to treat sick patients or provide them with food perhaps, now have spare cash to spend because of not being able to holiday as much.

Spending more time indoors has also had us think about our home interiors more and so what we might want to buy for our walls. Possible things to paint that will sell locally might include landscapes of familiar places. Online, to paint people’s portraits or their pets from a photograph would make a nice gift.

You could promote your services locally and online in this respect and see what orders you can generate in a short space of time. A good website that aesthetically shows off your artwork and capabilities that is functional as far as taking payments and orders will be useful.


There are likely to be skills that you have that others lack. This is where you can offer certain socially distanced services.

For example, there might be people looking for an alternative job who want help with writing their CV. Gardens in the summer flourish, so anyone with gardening expertise will have a chance of being hired. It is always worth checking in your local area, where you are known and trusted, about work. It only has to be temporary until you secure another job with a more regular income. However, if your business during this time starts to flourish, you can consider opening a full-time business for gardening or landscaping work. Ensure that you avail the required permits and liability insurance for the business (visit the Thimble website to learn more) if you are seriously considering it. Provided the work is something you truly enjoy, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing it full time! It is about financial survival. Not keeping your bank manager happy, but keeping your family eating and fully clothed. It is not about pride but a necessity sometimes. Everyone will admire you long-term for that.

So, a few ideas here to get you back on your feet or working productively at home during and after the pandemic.

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