Tips for Making a Profit From Everyday Living

When we need some extra cash, there are ways that we can make money to enhance our regular income from employment. This article will discuss a few ideas that might give you money to spend on luxuries you might not otherwise have enjoyed.

For example, during everyday living, we accumulate items that we no longer need or use which we could sell. We have hidden talents that we could use. We have space in our garden that we could make use of. So, let us see just how we can profit from all that is around us.

Internet Auctions

When we think of looking for something second-hand or old to buy for ourselves or as a present, we either think about looking inside an antique shop or turning to internet auctions. We can find objects listed that are unique because they are from a bygone era. This does not necessarily stop them from having a modern purpose, however. We can repurpose anything that has some functionality. So, with this in mind, there will be things that we own and no longer use that someone else might find useful and be able to bring to life. Selling them to others can become a lucrative source of income for us.

Using popular internet auction sites, and under current tax rules, it is considered that only those who engage in 200 transactions or more and earn an aggregate of $20,000 or more on such internet auction sites will need to fill in a tax return as a result. So, this allows us to earn some extra money tax-free as a householder. We then just need to bear in mind that the auction site will take a fee in respect of the use of their services. Rather than a listing fee, if you stay within listing limits, this tends to be only a final auction fee, which often works out as something like ten percent of the amount received from the buyer. Also, though, there will be an additional fee to pay concerning the amount of money received into whatever type of bank account is used. This all should be factored in, along with allowing for postage and packaging or charging it to the buyer as extra to pay. If you are going to use these online auction sites and link details of things like your bank account to them, you will want to make sure that your online security is as good as it can be so that your information does not fall into the wrong hands. You may be considering getting a VPN to help shield your details from potential hackers, as well as providing a whole host of other security benefits, and may find a resource like this norton vpn review useful in helping you choose the perfect VPN for your needs.

So, by locating the items you no longer have a use for, you could bring into play money that you had just been metaphorically sitting on before. Or perhaps actually sitting on. You do not have to be a retailer or a fan of boot sales to sell things. It can all happen online these days.


If you are both practical and artistic, then there are lots of crafts you can take up that could earn you money.

For instance, you could make jewellery (silver or using beads), fridge magnets, or cushions. These are all things people would buy, who like homemade things but simply do not have the time or crafting skills to make anything for themselves. You can then sell these items by having a stall at a craft fair or event, or online by either having a website or using a selling platform. Many auction sites allow traders to sell new products.

For those who like soldering, then making silver jewellery should not be a problem for you. The supplies are available and it is only open to your imagination what designs and personalisations you could create to sell. Bear in mind that silver is an expensive material, so do not be wasteful with it and keep your pieces small to make them affordable to the majority. In the UK, silver below 7.78g, or gold below 1g, will not need to be hallmarked. However, if you are looking to sell precious metal jewellery that works out heavier in weight, it will mean you sending it off to an assay office to be stamped with a hallmark, at an additional cost. There is no point in paying for expensive materials and then not being able to prove their value as this will affect how much you can charge. Just something to bear in mind. Also, that the four assay offices still in existence in the UK are: Birmingham, London, Sheffield, and Edinburgh.

There is a market for artwork, too, if you are into painting portraits or landscapes. The paints can be expensive but if you can find a buyer for your work, perhaps a shop looking to sell the work of local artists, then it is worth a try. Particularly if you enjoy painting in oils or watercolors because you find it relaxing.

Growing Vegetables

It may seem primitive to many today, but you can grow vegetables at home just as people were encouraged to do so when there was a world war. For instance, during World War II there was a “Dig for Victory” campaign.

Many grow things in allotments as a hobby, so why not try your hand at trying to make a profit out of it by using the back garden that you own anyway? It Is only a matter of treating the soil correctly.

The pH range of a food garden that is thought to be productive will be between 5.5 and 7.5. Most crops are likely to prefer a pH of 6.0. The exceptions will be potatoes and the majority of berries that grow most effectively in acidic soil, and asparagus and crops of the cabbage family happier in neutral soils. As for meeting the water and fertilizer needs for your veggie plants, you can easily buy water pump online that fits your application; you can use it for more efficient watering as well as ensuring enough fertilizer for the plants to grow optimally. Furthermore, if you want your crops protected from harsh weather, you can consider installing a greenhouse. Such structures can also protect your crops from pests and other harmful insects. Furthermore, Commercial Greenhouses can help farmers increase their production since they may be able to support farming through all seasons.

So, there is now no reason why we should not start growing on land that we own anyway. We only have to seek out a garden centre for the seeds. They can give us the advice, too, as internet research could also provide. If need be, we can also contact companies similar to the ones at kansas pest control so that our vegetables can be protected from pests of any kind. In no time, we could soon have vegetables to eat or sell for profit.

So, there we have it, we have internet auctions to profit from when we sell the items that we no longer use, which may well have appreciated over time since we bought them. Also, we could craft for profit, bringing out our creative side. Perhaps gardening is your thing, in which case, why not grow your vegetables to save money and then sell the surplus to make a profit or to pay for the seeds. Time does not need to be factored in when you are enjoying yourself and it is all extra on top of your regular income.

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