Small Space Gardening on a Patio or Terrace

Imagine a lush, green garden right outside your patio door. With limited space, growing food indoors can not only be challenging, but it can also be downright impossible. That’s why more and more people are turning to small-space gardening. Small space gardening can be done outside on a balcony or patio and in containers on a window cill – all that restricts you is your imagination!

Before commencing gardening in your chosen space, it is crucial to ensure that it is habitable and suitable for your plants to thrive. This may involve conducting necessary balcony repairs, replacing broken railings, clearing debris, or patio refurbishment, depending on the location where you plan to place your plants. By making these improvements, you can create a beautiful garden and provide a conducive environment for your plants to flourish.

Having said that, here are some additional tricks to growing in a limited space.

Raised beds

If you are thinking about adding some love to your small space garden, raised flower beds are a great option; they not only allow you to create a whole flower bed in a hard landscaped area, but they’re also easier to look after as they retain water better than pots. Using concrete platforms to raise flower beds is a good idea too as concrete works well for small gardens. A good Charlotte Concrete Company ( or a similar contractor closer to you could help you make a good platform in a small space. Remember, however, that soil can be heavy, so be careful on a balcony or roof – raised beds may be more suitable for a patio on solid ground where they’re less likely to cause weight issues.

Plant selections

Plants are remarkably hardy, but some just don’t enjoy the hostile environment that a balcony or roof terrace can bring. Wind can be especially problematic, with some plants simply refusing to grow in windy conditions. That is why many homeowners often install Acrylic Roof Systems over their patios, which by the way, can be sourced from Sunspace, patio and deck covers company Edmonton. This helps the plants to survive wind, rain, and hail storms. If you are wondering about the amount of sunlight they will get, then know that there are plenty of plants suited perfectly to less-lit environments. So, do a little research and you should find the perfect match.

Container gardening

Small space gardening can seem like a challenge. However, with the right plants and containers, you can grow a surprising amount of plants in a small area. Tall, full plants like trees and vines are a great choice, but choosing plants that grow vertically or on hanging, baskets gives smaller spaces a focal point. Another idea is to use containers that hold lots of plants, like planters, tubs, or hanging baskets. A few plants in one big container, with a few smaller containers around it, can look just like a flower bed – it’s all about being smart with your positioning! Make sure that you clean the patio of any dirt or mud right after gardening as they can harm the surface. In such cases, you may have to get in touch with a patio repair expert from Concrete Pros Atlanta ( or the ones like them who can restore the damaged patio.


Decorating with statues is one of the easiest ways to hide ugly details like pipework. You don’t even have to buy expensive marble statues; almost any statue will work. There’s no better way to add visual interest and height to a garden than with a statue. Whether you choose to create a miniature garden or a large outdoor oasis, statues and figurines are fun, creative, and (most importantly) low maintenance. Luckily, with so many great options online and at specialty garden shops, finding the right statues to add to your garden shouldn’t be difficult.

Think texture and smell

Large gardens are often very visual spaces with lots of bright colors and big blooms. Tall trees also add height and depth, but your small space won’t be able to accommodate these striking visuals. Instead, focus first on bringing texture to your patio or terrace. Remove hard lines using soft planting and think about how it might feel to touch. Some plants even have furry leaves that you won’t be able to resist touching! Additionally, choose plants that smell gorgeous to brush past. Herbs like rosemary, sage, mint, and lavender make it a joy to sit and breathe for a while, and you only need a few to make a big impact.

Gardening has had a long tradition for many centuries. While most people grow their own plants, vegetables, and fruits for sustenance and nourishment, others do it to create beauty. Plants add beauty to a patio or terrace. These spaces are often overlooked when space planning a garden. Therefore, it is important to learn about the tips for small space gardening on a patio or terrace to utilize these spaces effectively.

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