How to Use Crypto Mining Apps

Crypto mining apps are the latest scam to get users to download them; is it really worth the trouble? The good news is that crypto mining apps generally don’t harm your device, but the bad news is that they use up quite a bit of your processing power, potentially leading to performance issues for your phone. So, is it worth it?

Android Solo Mining

Mining cryptocurrency is fun and profitable, but the process of mining requires expensive hardware to do that work. Mining pools allow you to participate in mining without the hassle, but mining solo can be rewarding, too. Plus, solo mining offers some advantages over mining in a pool, like being able to mine on devices with low processing power. But mining solo is also more challenging since you’re responsible for securing a computer to run your mining software. Luckily, there’s an option for solo mining on Android; Android is an open-source operating system, and there are utilities that allow users to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using the device’s processing power.

Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency mining provides miners with a way for you to participate in cryptocurrency by generating new coins. This is a process used to verify new cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency mining pools, like the mining pool featured here, can be used to join other miners in mining the same cryptocurrency while also splitting the rewards. The reward comes in the form of the new cryptocurrency being mined.


Hashing24 is a bitcoin miner-profit sharing platform. It manages hashrate allocation and income distribution. Hashing24 accepts payment in bitcoin only. Your income depends on the amount of hash power you contribute to the pool, the prevailing network difficulty, and the profitability factors. To join the platform, a user must hold cryptocurrencies and deposit them at the address provided in the interface.

Better Hash

BetterHash is a white paper written by Google Developers. It describes a new protocol, called SKIP, for distributed hash tables that promises to reduce latency, improve throughput, and improve performance. The protocol, developed as part of the Go programming language standard, is scalable. Existing distributed hash tables use a fixed T. SKIP’s T is a configurable parameter based on several metrics, such as the number of nodes and the table size.

Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a game that can really get your blood pumping. It is an odd name and usually causes people to pause and look it over. But once you start playing, you are going to love it. Cudo Miner is very much like FarmVille. You click on different items in a scene, and you earn points. These points allow you to unlock different miners and excavators. While trying to unlock all of the miners and excavators, you can restart the project and do that area again if you accidentally click something.


ECOS is a commercial brand for food service and household products located in Marion, IL. Founded in 1912, ECOS strives to create sustainable products that are earth friendly, healthy, and safe. Using high-quality, premium ingredients sourced from around the world, ECOS develops recipes that are good for you and good for the earth. The great variety of ECOS products makes it easy for consumers to purchase products that are not only eco-friendly and safe for the environment but healthy for the whole family.


NiceHash is a peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrency mining contracts, serving users in 150 countries. NiceHash allows users to select which cryptocurrencies they will mine and the exact specifications of their mining rig before placing a bid. Once a miner has selected a bid, that bid creates the contract, which is sold to another bidder. NiceHash attempts to match the best bids with the most miners, maximizing mutual profitability.


StormGain is an interesting take on augmented reality gaming. First, you download the app, which allows you to take a selfie. Then you point your phone at the sky, and StormGain uses that information to build a 3D image of you. Next, you’ll be asked to pick your location and weather, affecting your gameplay. StormGain lets you shoot down meteors, but tornadoes are tougher to defeat. StormGain also lets you play beach volleyball, rollerblade through a winter wonderland, and even a marble solitaire game.


Hashshiny is a new term that’s become popular in the world of cryptocurrency, though it was first coined way back in February of 2016. Hashshiny (also spelled hash-shiny, hashshiny) is a portmanteau of hash and shiny. A hash is a cryptographic function that serves as a one-way function. In other words, a hash is a mathematical formula that produces a fixed-size output from a fixed-size input. In the case of Bitcoin, the hash is SHA256. So, in this case, a hashshiny is a digital currency that derives its value from the SHA256 function.

Crypto mining apps are a great way to make money. There are many apps available all over the internet which provide Crypto mining services. However, you should only use these services if you have the required specialist knowledge and hardware.

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